Hideo Kojima announces Death Stranding Directors Cut – Rock Paper Shotgun

In the teaser trailer, we see Sam Porter Bridges stealthily going into a big storage facility that’s being patrolled by guys with guns. Sam gets a large human-sized box, checks it completely, empty loads of oranges out of it, then climbs up in like a curious cat. He gets out quickly after however, and doesn’t dedicate to the box-y slipping.

The area and masked dudes displayed in the teaser don’t appear like anything presently in Death Stranding, suggesting the Director’s Cut might have brand-new places to check out, and brand-new factions to satisfy.

Far, the Death Stranding Director’s Cut is just revealed for PS5. The original video game made its method to PC eventually, so ideally we’ll see the Director’s Cut join it further down the line. E3 2021 will be running from 12th-15th June.

Director’s Cut is on the way.

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