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  • I can stop whenever I want. Google Perhaps a taste of Monet customizability, there’s a bug where some wallpapers will change color schemes after a reboot. Google
  • A phone app with flavor. Google
  • Oh boy, a messaging app!

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  • -1772140″> Yellow color swatches. Again, the media player notice is a total outlier when it comes to color.

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  • For the system UI, a rough explanation of the method this works is that Android 12 samples a single color from your wallpaper and then creates a few colors by tweaking the brightness and saturation. Pick a green-ish wallpaper and you’ll get an intense green, a dark green, a desaturated green, and a nearly white green that will be spread out around most of the UI, completely immediately. The Media gamer notice type of lives on its own with regard to these color selections, and it chooses a wild complimentary color that is somehow based upon your wallpaper.

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