iOS 4 has been lovingly recreated as an iPhone app – The Verge

iOS 4 initially appeared almost 10 years ago as Apple’s very first mobile os to drop the iPhone OS naming convention. An 18-year-old designer has now lovingly recreated iOS 4 as an iPhone app, and it’s a beautiful blast from the past. If you never got the chance to use iOS 4, or you’re a fan of the iPhone 3G, OldOS almost perfectly pulls off the experience of using an iPhone from a decade earlier.

OldOS is “designed to be as close to pixel-perfect as possible,” states Zane, the developer behind the app. It’s all constructed using Apple’s SwiftUI, so it includes buttery smooth animations and even the old iPhone home button that vibrates with haptic feedback to make it seem like a real button.

Apple’s integrated iOS 4 apps have actually also been recreated here, and it’s a genuine flashback to the skeuomorphic days of the iPhone whenever they introduce. Pictures lets you view your existing cam roll as you would have 10 years back, while Notes transports you back to the yellow post-it notes of the past.

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