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It was 1896 that Abt was established, and 1897 when the very first complaint was raised about excessive protection of its wares in the press. (Only one of those declarations is real.) To mark 125 years of fettling and tweak VWs and Audis, Abt is paying homage to its founder with an anniversary unique based on the RS6.

The Audi RS6 Johann Abt Signature Edition is absolutely nothing less than “the most special masterpiece” it has actually ever made, limited to 64 units (one for each year of Herr Abt’s life) and set to be hand-built over the next year or so. We’re not rather talking Morgan levels of hand-built here, but there’s clearly a lot entering into a Signature Edition RS6 – just six will be made per month.Obviously it’s got more power

. Loads more, in fact, the 4.0-litre, mild hybrid, twin-turbo V8 tickled to 800hp from the basic 600hp with new turbos, bigger intercoolers and some ECU work. An additional oil cooler has actually been fitted to keep a cover on temperature levels. The lead to terms of efficiency from “an engine that lets loose the brute force of a forging hammer” are predictably barmy. This two-tonne Audi will reach 62mph in 2.9 seconds, 124mph in 9.8 and 186mph in less than half a minute – 28.3 seconds, to be precise. Leading speed is 205mph.

But Abt releasing a brand-new Audi with more power is like Nando’s introducing more chicken alternatives – we’ve seen a great deal of them now. To do justice to such a momentous celebration, the Johann Abt Signature Edition also has bespoke created wheels – conserving 3.5 kg per corner – a new aero package increasing downforce by 150kg, height adjustable suspension and brand-new anti-roll bars for “substantially reduced roll and lean propensity.” Which, offered the basic car’s admirable resistance to much in the method of either seems like quite the proposition. Particularly with 800hp.

Making its debut on the Johann Abt RS6 is the Abt App; in conjunction with the new ECU, it provides three drive modes – Eco, Power and Race-as well as live performance

data.And, finally, it would not be an Abt anniversary special without some sophisticated cosmetic work. For this specific RS6, each will feature an aluminium time capsule with a piece of Johann Abt’s initial anvil that he dealt with back at the end of the 19th century – yes, actually.

“It is an irreplaceable piece of history, that has actually now made a deserving location for eternity”, stated Hans-Jurgen Abt. That quite unbelievable token is accompanied by a xx/64 badges, hand-sewn leather seats, Signature Carbon Red accents and ‘Since 1896’ embossed door sills. Those who love Abt – or simply mad RS6s – will surely find a lot to like here.

“The successor to our sold-out ABT RS6 R 1/125 is defined not only by the connection to our history and the myriad attractive details. Its efficiency … is advanced”, added Abt of his company’s most current production. Rather what an 800hp RS6 that pays tribute to Abt’s creator will cost isn’t clear right now, however this must remain in contention for many expensive Abt yet. Which might well be enough for 64 extremely lucky clients.

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