Graphene and HAMR combo bring HDDs the potential for ten times more storage capacity –

Over the years the bottleneck for HDDs have actually been their mechanical nature, gain access to times and efficiency general compared to SSDs are sluggish. The two things that HDDs have still going for them are cost and volume. Over the last few years we’ve seen tech like HAMRevolve, broadening volume sizes.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge say they have handled to increase the attainable information density significantly with the aid of graphene. Disk drives utilize a carbon-based overcoat to protect the platter from read and compose heads and other elements. To increase storage capability, manufacturers have lowered the space between the head and the platters. Today it is about 3 nanometers thick, which has increased the density to about 1 TB per square inch.

The scientists replaced this coating with a version of graphene, containing one to four layers of the material. After determining corrosion, thermal stability, surface smoothness and lubricant handling, they concluded that graphene reduces friction by a factor of two and triggers 2 and a half times less deterioration. Hamr heats the iron-platinum alloy plates to high temperature levels that regular coatings can not deal with. Graphene in combination with hamr need to have the ability to cause a data density of about 10 TB per square inch.

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