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The very first in-the-flesh images revealing PlayStation 5[1,490 articles]” href=””>PS5‘s new controller colours have actually been published, through Japanese website Game Watch.

Previously, the controller has actually just been available in its basic black and white style, however the two brand-new colours will be launched this month, with the particular date varying depending on the country.In the US and

the UK, the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red controllers will launch on June 18.

“Midnight Black features two discreetly various shades of black with light grey detailing to show how we see area through the night sky,” Sony stated last month.

Cosmic Red, meanwhile, “uses a striking black and red design inspired by the distinct vibrant tones of red found throughout the universes”.

Head over to Game Watch to see the rest of the images.

“We wanted the new controller colours to complement each other, along with the original DualSense cordless controller and PS5 console, so we developed the colours around the theme of ‘galaxy’ as it seemed like a natural development from the original PS5 and accessories styles”, Leo Cardoso from Sony Interactive Entertainment[1,439 articles]” href=””>Sony‘s style team told the PlayStation Blog.

These are the very first alternate colour styles for the PS5 controller. Xbox Series X

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