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When it pertains to the top graphics cards for overclocking, the GALAX Hall of Fame series cards are excellent options for those wanting to push their card to the limit. Now, GALAX has actually revealed a HOF series card for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti in their most current Facebook post.

The GALAX RTX 3080 Ti HOF OC Lab Will Likely Feature The Same PCB Seen On The RTX 3090 HOF OC Lab

When compared to the GALAX RTX 3090 HOF OC Lab, there haven’t been any huge modifications to the card. The GALAX RTX 3080 Ti HOC OC Lab will have the signature white PCB seen on the HOF series graphic cards, however GALAX has yet to share a picture of the PCB. Looking from the outside in, we can see that the card is powered utilizing a triple 8-pin PCIe power connector, however lacks the NVLink adapter whilst still having the backplate cutout. On top of the referral TDP of both the RTX 3080 Ti and 3090 being 350W, this leads us to believe the PCB is nearly similar or similar on the RTX 3080 Ti when compared to the RTX 3090.

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The largest noticeable modification compared to the RTX 3090 HOF OC Lab is that the RTX 3080 Ti HOF OC Lab does not feature the HOF Panel III screen. This modification does not affect performance, but it does affect the aesthetic appeals of the card. The HOF Panel III display could display real-time info or animations. The OC Lab name stems from GALAX’s own overclocking department that supervises of designing the Hall of Fame cards which are in turn understood for their fantastic overclocking abilities.

The schedule and pricing of the GALAX RTX 3080 Ti HOF OC Lab is unknown at the minute, but we can anticipate it to bring among the greatest costs out of all AIB lover models as seen with previous HOF cards. The HOF Panel III screen might make a return on another HOF design of the RTX 3080 Ti.

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