Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass REWARDS and Invasion trailer: Superman headlines – Express

The Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass rewards have been revealed by Epic Games.As you can

see from the image above, the brand-new Fortnite season is titled Invasion.Needless to state, it has an

alien style, as beings from another planet effort to take control of the island.As part of the Battle Pass, fans will be able to open Superman, Rick of Rick and Morty popularity, and a customisable alien trooper.But Doctor Slone seems the star of the program, and can be discovered in the centre of the map.Fortnite developer Epic Games has actually also launched a Battle Pass trailer, highlighting some of the new skins fans can unlock throughout the season.The brand-new trailer- which you can see listed below-likewise showcases

some of the new weapons, including an energy ray that can move items.This can be utilized to create carnage, as gamers throw vehicles at rivals and explosives.Judging by the leakages

, users will have the ability to unlock particular variants of a few of the skins, consisting of a make over for Superman.According to dataminers, this includes a black Superman skin that will presumable be available once fans reach a high sufficient level.Speaking of Superman, the official Battle Pass art work recommends this particular skin will launch later in the season.The Battle Pass purchase screen shows Superman next to a Coming Soon banner.It’s likely Superman will take the place of Neymar, who introduced midway through Season 6. Somewhere else, it has been revealed that Kymera is the name of the customisable alien character signing up with Season 7

. As for Season 7 itself, brand-new map sights consist of Believer Beach, as well as Corny

Complex.Eagle-eyed fans will notice that The Spire has disappeared from the map, which connects into the story.Other brand-new features consist of UFOs, which can be accessed to speed around the map and out of danger.The brand-new Fortnite Season 7 upgrade weighs in at around 5GB on

all platforms, so it shouldn’t take too long to download.

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