Surface Duo is basically Xbox Series DS with this new update for Game Pass streaming – Gamesradar

Surface Duo, the folding two-screened Android device from Microsoft, can now do a quite darn good Nintendo DS impression.Microsoft very first released Surface Duo last year after announcing it back in 2019. One of the first things it teased in its announcement trailer was the possibility of playing video games with the top screen folded toward you to show the video game and the bottom screen angled to display simply the touch controls. It appeared like a DS or 3DS, just without the physical controls on the lower half. Microsoft primary product officer Panos Panay exposed on his Twitter account that a brand-new update for the device now lets it play Xbox Game Pass Ultimate streaming video games similar to in the video. A really cool update goes live for #SurfaceDuo clients today! Dealing with @Xbox we’ve put touch controls on to the second screen. More than 50 video games are offered to play with touch for @xboxGamePass Ultimate Members.!.?.!May 24, 2021 See more This doesn’t rather suggest Microsoft is offering Surface Duo owners a brand new method to play their Game Pass video games- it only works with the selection of titles that already support touch controls, but that growing list already consists of Sea of Thieves and Minecraft Dungeons to name a few. Even if it produces the very same basic control

setup, this one does have the big benefit of letting you see all of your video game rather of covering it up with on-screen controls(and your thumbs). Unlike

Nintendo and Sony, Microsoft has actually never put out any devoted video gaming handheld consoles. This might be as close as we’ll ever get to an Xbox Series DS.If you’re on the fence about starting your new streaming life, make sure you take a look at our guide to the very best Xbox cloud gaming video games.

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