Apple Arcades Mini Motorways Is Cruising Onto Switch Next Year – Nintendo Life

Fans of management sims, minimalist designs, and roadways(?) rejoice, for Mini Motorways is speeding onto Nintendo Switch next year.

From Dinosaur Polo Club, Mini Motorways is a follow up to the studio’s first video game, Mini Metro. Similar to in the past, gamers are tasked with developing paths for busy commuters, however this time you’ll be drawing up roads for significant cities.

“Explore stunning maps based upon iconic cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Munich, and Tokyo. Draw the roadways that drive the city, building a traffic network that adjusts to ever-changing procedurally created maps to develop busy metropolitan areas. Pick from upgrades like freeways, traffic tunnels, lights, and roundabouts to fulfill the demands of your broadening roadway network and connect houses to locations so everyone can get where they need to go.”

Mini Motorways The video game’s already available on Apple Arcade, but is set to launch on Steam this summertime and Switch in Q1 2022. The Steam release debuts 2 brand-new maps for Dubai and Mexico City, in addition to the addition of roundabouts; luckily, these and other future updates will also wind up on Switch.

Liking the appearance of this one? Are you currently plotting a journey to the eShop next year? Leave us a thoroughly developed comment below.

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