Metal Max Xeno: Reborn Is Bringing Its Open-World Tank JRPG Gameplay To The West – Nintendo Life

The game’s explained as a nonlinear, open-world JRPG including real-time fights and automobile battle. Today’s western announcement takes place to correspond with the Metal Max series’ 30th anniversary.

PQube and Kadokawa Games have actually announced that Metal Max Xeno: Reborn is headed to Switch in the west next year.

The video game’s described as a nonlinear, open-world JRPG featuring real-time battles and car battle. You’ll be taking control of the video game’s protagonist, Talis, as you set out on a quest to search for survivors across the devastated world of Dystokio.

Reborn is a remake of 2018’s Metal Max Xeno which introduced on Switch in Japan last year. Today’s western announcement happens to accompany the Metal Max series’ 30th anniversary. Here’s a feature list:

– There are no limitations to where you can go, no matter your development in the video game.
– Post-apocalyptic world where human beings are threatened, and makers wander the wasteland
– Open world JRPG with real-time fight and car battle aspects
– Traverse the wasteland in tanks or disembark on foot with allies
– Scavenge for parts to personalize, update and modify your tanks with endless combinations
– Based on Metal Max Xeno (2018) and most current game in the traditional Japanese series, ‘Metal Max’
Completely redeveloped with brand brand-new visual enhancements, fight mechanics, skills
and adjustment system
– Team up with precious battle pet dog, Pochi, as you venture out to join the remaining survivors

Pochi GifPochi Gif

Not that we’re comparing the 2, however in a comparable fashion to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Metal Max Xeno: Reborn lets you explore the video game’s whole map from the start, no matter how far you’ve progressed through the story.

We’ll make sure to watch out for a precise release date going forward but up until then, let us know if you’re interested in picking this one up with a remark listed below.

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