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While the Android Auto app community is growing, with more developers bringing their software application to the platform, Google seems to be completely devoted to likewise making Android Automotive a key part of its vehicle growth in the long term.
And today at I/O 2021, the Mountain View-based search giant announced that the adoption of Android Automotive in the cars and truck world is forecasted to increase this year, as the platform would make its debut on more than 10 car models by the end of 2021.

Without a doubt, this is big news for Google and the future of Android Automotive, as the OS has actually previously been set up just on a couple of designs from Polestar and Volvo.But Google

says Android Automotive would land in designs from General Motors, Renault, and Volvo predicted to go live in the coming months, so quicker or later on, more carmakers would end up releasing this os in their cars.As compared to Android Auto, which needs a smart device to run, Android Automotive is pre-loaded software application that comes bundled with the vehicle’s infotainment system and provides much deeper combination of Google services.Furthermore, apps like

Google Maps come with capabilities specifically tailored to each automobile, so for instance, the application can read data like EV variety and battery level to provide additional information such as the approximated battery when chauffeurs get to a defined destination.Google offers carmakers the flexibility to personalize the looks of Android Automotive as they wish, so while at the first look it might look like 2 models run various operating systems, they might be powered by the exact same platform but with a various skin.For example, GM has already verified that its brand-new Hummer EV would feature Android Automotive, and a video released by the business showed the platform with an entirely new more rugged UI that’s totallydifferent from the one we understood from Polestar.Video thumbnail

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