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Apple is presently involved in an anti-trust case with Epic around designer freedom on the iOS App Store, however according to Apple, Microsoft is the real force behind the trial.Their solicitors

informed the court recently to dismiss the testimony of Xbox executive Lori Wright, mentioning,”a sensible observer might question whether Epic is acting as a stalking horse for Microsoft “. Microsoft has been offering statement in support of Epic, describing why it was sensible for them to take a 30%cut of developer profits(since they offer hardware at a loss) while for Apple it was abusive.Apple is declaring that Microsoft had a plan with Epic to fight the case, so Microsoft

could take advantage of for instance offering clients alternate payment approaches or releasing xCloud on iOS.I think reasonable individuals can see Epic does not need any unique factor to attack Apple, and that being manipulative(e.g. getting rid of

the headphone jack to offer more Bluetooth headphones or decreasing old phones so consumers would update quicker )is a characteristic Apple is rather more comfy with.The trial is anticipated to conclude in the coming week, and some anticipate it to result in modifications to Apple’s practices, whichever company wins.Do our

readers think Microsoft is a behind-the-scenes Machiavellian mastermind pulling strings? Let us understand below.via theGamer

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