Tim Cook defends Apple in Epic Games trial that could decide the future of iPhones – The Independent

Tim Cook has defended Apple throughout tense questioning in its trial against Epic Games, which could choose the future of the iPhone and App Store.The president gave hours of evidence and tried to argue that Apple’s existing policies– consisting of taking 30 percent of all digital purchases made through apps– should stay.Epic wants the court to by far a judgment that would require it

to change those policies, such as by enabling other kinds of purchase systems, or even letting designers add their own app shops to the iPhone in addition to Apple’s own.Mr Cook on Friday informed the court that dangers to iPhone security and personal privacy required

tight control of the App Store, which Fortnite maker Epic states is a monopoly that Apple unlawfully abuses.The testimony makes up Cook’s many substantial public remarks on the App Store, which anchors Apple’s$53.8 billion services company, at a time when the business that when urged the world to’believe various’is slammed as too huge and too powerful.Recommended Impressive has actually waged a public relations and legal campaign, parodying Apple’s renowned “1984”commercial and arguing that it acts anticompetitively

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