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speaking about the exact same technique, as there are a variety of prospective “knockback “abilities in Destiny 2 that didn’t exist in Destiny 1 that might not be solar grenade spam. Titan ice punches, Hunter blade barrage, Tractor Cannon. Who understands? It is, nevertheless, deeply amusing that in bringing this raid back they didn’t handle to spot the most popular cheese from the original, as if this is Atheon, all it would have taken was probably setting up some guard rails on his platform to prevent this taking place yet another time.

What’s unclear is how easy this could be to achieve by accident. Like, what if you’re choosing World’s First today and your rocket blast or grenade explosion knocks Atheon off? Do you wipe to not get potentially DQed? Does Bungie examine the tape? Does anyone will a fallen-off raid boss be disqualified whether it was intentional or not? All of that is unclear.

If you are not one of a few hundred groups or two going hard for World’s First today, I actually wish to see some experimentation out there. All bosses, all methods. Let’s figure out what makes them fly. There’s no “disqualifying” regular raid follows this, so we can utilize both any brand-new cheese strategies if we want. And uh, Star-Eater Scales too, I guess.

The running joke now is that if Crota’s End ever returns that individuals will try pulling out their ethernet cable television throughout the fight, which was the cheese for that encounter that might not be fixed this time, if the raid returns.

I truly would enjoy to hear a behind the scenes of how this was discovered at the last minute and why this strategy handled to endure 7 complete years and a complete redevelopment of the raid. And it needs to make today’s race much more interest as soon as groups start exploring with pushing raid managers around when the World’s First title is claimed. This should be funny, stay tuned.

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