Switch Hardware Sales Beat Xbox Series X|S And PS5 Combined, Unsurprisingly – Nintendo Life

S – selling their souls to the devil, summoning circles, rejuvenating websites as tears of aggravation roll down their cheeks. It’s a strenuous procedure due to the concerns Sony and Microsoft have had with production.

The part scarcity affecting the brand-new consoles might likewise strike the Switch this year, though just time will tell in terms of Nintendo’s efforts to acquire the materials it requires. Combining those aspects with the outstanding popularity of Switch, however, offers the excellent fact that Nintendo’s hardware outsold all of the new consoles combined in the first quarter of this year.

That’s according to a report provided by Ampere Analysis, highlighting the Switch hardware sales through Q1 at 5.81 million, up 12% on the equivalent period in 2020. PlayStation 5’s 2 iterations offered 2.83 million in the same time, with Xbox Series X

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