WhatsApp warning as accounts hacked after fake message from friends – Liverpool Echo

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Obviously, this won’t go to the hackers but will wind up on your phone.

People often see this code appear on their gadget, then get the text from the “good friend” asking for it.

Without even thinking they then forward it on entirely unaware that they are really turning over complete access to their account and talks.

To demonstrate how simple it is to be deceived, Jeremy Vine exposed in 2015 that he had actually fallen nasty of it. In a tweet, the Radio 2 presenter cautioned his listeners to be on alert for the technique– which left him locked out of his WhatsApp and permitted cybercriminals to use his contact list to target more individuals.

According to the Express, one WhatsApp user tweeted: “Three members of my family have actually lost access to their WhatsApp this early morning! Hackers send out a text message from WA with a confirmation code, then a WhatsApp text from someone you understand stating they desperately require the code. The brand-new message which is doing the round is basic however highly efficient. It all starts with a message, that appears to be from a friend or contact, which states, “Hello, sorry, I sent you a 6-digit code by error, can you pass it to me please? To show how easy it is to be deceived, Jeremy Vine revealed last year that he had fallen nasty of it.

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