Shout out to whoever put together all the computer noises in Mass Effect – Rock Paper Shotgun

I wish there was a directory site to look up developers that did specific things in games that I enjoy. I understand LinkedIn will note individuals’s jobs like Storyboard Artist or Narrative Designer, however one thing I’ve actually discovered in this job is that these titles can indicate hugely various things at different business. And they’re not particular enough for my requirements: I desire one that goes “individual who did the animation for the opening credits on Episode 4 of Tales From The Borderlands” or “outright hero who composed the character barks for Warcraft III“.

I have actually been playing the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Due to the fact that I am just human, just recently. And for whatever reason it has actually made me actually want to discover and congratulate “person who did all the diegetic computer system sounds in Mass Effect”.

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