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Since recently Oculus Quest 2 had vanished throughout a variety of Amazon EU websites. Oculus states it was due to previously reported skin inflammation triggered by the facepad on a little number of units. While the business says the concern itself has been resolved, a recently released EU Commission submitting about the exact same concern resulted in a brief time out in sales on Amazon EU sites. Mission 2 stays available directly from Oculus and is anticipated to go back to Amazon EU sites quickly.

“Amazon has momentarily stopped briefly offering Quest 2 in Europe, in reaction to an EU Commission filing this week relating to the foam user interface. Oculus has dealt with this problem previously. While this concern has just been reported by a very small percentage of Quest 2 users, with these changes, we believe that users are even less likely to experience irritation resulting from any substances in the foam facial interface. The disappearance of Quest 2 headsets in the last week appear likely related to this concern, though the specifics aren’t clear. Far Oculus has not confirmed that the elimination of Quest 2 headsets from Amazon is related to the skin inflammation concern.

Update(May 18th, 2021– 5:44 PM PT): After publishing our preliminary short article investigating the elimination of Quest 2 from Amazon EU sites, Oculus reached out with some additional info which verified our findings.

“Amazon has actually momentarily paused selling Quest 2 in Europe, in response to an EU Commission filing today concerning the foam user interface. We shared back in April that the foam interface issue has actually been resolved, and we’re working closely with Amazon to have Quest 2 back on sale as quickly as possible,” a spokesperson informs Road to VR.

Oculus states the new filing from the European Commission Safety Gate, which communicates product security notifications to the general public, is not referring to a brand-new concern, however the very same one the company initially recognized in December and offered an update about in April. The business has actually been providing totally free facepad replacement for units manufactured in a specific timeframe (see the assistance page here for details).

The original short article, which investigated reports of Quest 2 being delisted on Amazon EU websites, continues listed below.

Initial Article (May 18th, 2021): Road to VR examined every Amazon site internationally to look for Quest 2 accessibility and discovered that the headset is currently unavailable in many European regions. Curiously, schedule of the headset straight from Oculus in the exact same regions doesn’t appear to be impacted.

Road to VR connected to Oculus about the company however the matter didn’t supply details beyond saying that, “Amazon is fixing it and the pages should be back up soon.”

Digging even more into Oculus user neighborhoods on Reddit, a handful of reports of recall notices from Amazon have actually emerged within the last day or two (example 1, example 2).

The European Commission Safety Gate site, which communicates item safety notices to the general public, confirms these reports through an alert dated May 12th.

The foam of the item includes substances (e.g.: Propylene carbonate, Phenol, fragrance 7-hydroxycitronellal and Benzocaine) which are skin and eye irritants. The user might suffer from irritation. The product does not abide by the requirements of the General Product Safety Directive.

The page additional notes, “The item was offered online, in specific via Amazon,” and points to an Oculus Support page resolving the concern, in which Oculus says it has actually altered its manufacturing processes to minimize the possibility that “trace compounds” that might cause skin inflammation aren’t introduced throughout manufacturing. Oculus is likewise providing a totally free replacement of the Quest 2 facepad for headsets made within a specific timeframe.

Oculus has dealt with this problem previously. Back in late December the business published a blog post stating it had actually received reports of skin irritation from 0.01% of individuals utilizing Quest 2, and that an investigation was underway. The company updated that post in mid-April with the following:

After conducting an extensive examination into this concern, we did not discover any contamination or unforeseen substances in our production procedure. We recognized a few trace compounds that are usually present in the manufacturing process which might add to skin pain, and while these were currently at levels listed below the market standard, out of an abundance of caution we altered our process to lower them even further. We’ve validated with expert skin doctors and toxicologists that these levels are considered exceptionally low. While this problem has actually only been reported by a very small percentage of Quest 2 users, with these changes, we think that users are even less most likely to experience inflammation arising from any substances in the foam facial user interface. We motivate any customer who experiences irritation from using Quest 2 to contact Oculus Support for a facial user interface replacement.

The disappearance of Quest 2 headsets in the recently seem likely associated with this issue, though the specifics aren’t clear. It’s possible that the initial source during production has actually occurred once again, but another possibility is that a regulatory body, Amazon, or an internal choice may have forced Oculus to do more than merely provide to replace the facepad, and rather asked the business to prevent the further sale of possibly problematic Quest 2 batches.

Up until now Oculus has actually not validated that the elimination of Quest 2 headsets from Amazon is connected to the skin inflammation issue. We’ll keep this short article upgraded as we discover more.

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