Porsche has restored Walter Röhrl’s 924 Carrera GTS rally car – Top Gear

Well, isn’t this just the most heartwarming story. To celebrate Walter Röhrl’s 74th birthday recently, Porsche amazed the fantastic guy with his 924 Carrera GTS rally vehicle, which the folk at the historic motorsport department in Weissach had thoroughly brought back.

What a thing. It looks resplendent in that glorious gold and black Monnet livery, does not it?

Röhrl and his co-driver Christian Geistdörfer piloted the 924 GTS in the German Rally Championship back in 1981– it was to be the only rally season in which Röhrl would contend for Porsche. The set took four victories before rather famously moving to Opel the following year.

The 924 was then passed to Jacky Ickx, who made one getaway in it at the Boucles de Spa Rally in February 1982 before it was gone back to its Monnet livery and turned over to the Porsche museum.

This particular GTS actually started life as one of the nine models that Porsche constructed, and as such its 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo engine was never provided a serial number. Regardless of the fact it was a prototype (which it had practically 6,500 miles of rallying on the clock, which it ‘d been sat for almost 40 years) the engine and connected KKK 26 turbocharger were inspected and discovered to be in pointer top condition.

The repair then involved rebuilding a variety of parts and replacing others, however the focus was always to keep the GTS Rally’s patina and original rallying features.

Leading work, Porsche.

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