Netflixs new Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness trailer has vomiting zombies –

And a July release date.

Citizen Evil: Infinite Darkness, the brand-new CGI series from Netflix, has today got a brand-new trailer and an 8th July release date.

Our finest appearance yet at the Leon S. Kennedy-starring show, this two-minute montage has vomiting zombies, zombie rats and a hulking big thing which may be the series’ big bad.

Let’s take a look:

Infinite Darkness is set a couple of years after Resident Evil 4, where Leon is back taking care of the United States president (instead of his child) and when a new zombie break out is seemingly imminent. Claire Redfield is also involved, investigating what’s going on.The show is expected to be canon with the Resident Evil video games, and is among numerous Resident Evil TV and movie projects en route.

Netflix is likewise prepping a Stranger Things-sounding live-action series starring a lot of kids with an extremely familiar surname.Separate to Netflix’s efforts, the production company behind those Milla Jovovich movies is installing a cinema Resident Evil reboot created to begin”a brand-new universe inspired by characters and storylines”of the games. The plan is to begin with a retelling of Resident Evil 1 with a new, young cast. Canon, that is not.

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