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Although Call of Duty: Warzone has shifted to Verdansk ’84, the bunkers have remained on stayed map, and a mysterious new strange brand-new also appearedLikewise While some Bunkers might formerly be accessed with a Red Access Card, others needed a special code to enter them. Scrapyard, which sits to the west of Boneyard, has two bunkers that might be accessed with a code. Sitting just west simply the Zordaya Prison Complex is a small shackLittle Red Access cards have been gotten rid of from Warzone Season 3, but they’re likely to return once the bunkers resume.

Although Call of Duty: Warzone has moved to Verdansk ’84, the bunkers have stayed on the map, and a mystical new bunker has also appeared. Here is every bunker area in Warzone Season 3.

With the release of the Season 3 upgrade, Raven completely revamped Verdansk with a 1980s style. New POIs have actually appeared and structures have altered, however the bunkers have stayed, although sealed.

Warzone’s devs have actually teased that these bunkers will open in the future, so it’s worth understanding their locations and how to access them when they open.

While some Bunkers could previously be accessed with a Red Access Card, others required an unique code to enter them. It’s most likely that the bunkers will open up once again, so we’ve also got every code you’ll need if that takes place.

Warzone Season 3 bunker locations map

Warzone Season 3 bunker locationsWarzone Season 3 bunker locations

There are currently 13 total bunkers

spread out throughout Verdansk’84. Following the damage of the initial Verdansk, these bunkers

North Boneyard code: 87624851 South Boneyard code

Warzone Prison keycodeWarzone Prison keycode

: 97264138 Warzone Prison bunker code Sitting just west of the Zordaya Prison Complex is a little shack. This shack looks completely unremarkable and can’t be gotten in, but before the nuke event, it had a keypad on the door. If this keypad returns, you can utilize the code supplied below, and head inside to grab some Legendary loot. Warzone TV Station bunker code TELEVISION Station can be a challenging place to drop, however ought to you land

simply a little to the east, you’ll discover another shack that used to be locked by a keypad. You no longer require to go into a code, but if this keypad returns, here’s the code you formerly had to go into. TELEVISION Station bunker code: 27495810 Warzone Park bunker code As you pass the Styor Spomenik war

  • memorial in Park, you’ll see the bunker set into
  • the rockface closed to a ruined barn. The

    keypad is currently offline but will likely trigger again in the coming seasons. Warzone Park bunker code: 60274513 Warzone Red Access Card bunkers and places Five of the bunkers might formerly be opened with a Red Access Card, which needs to be in your stock to be used. Red Access cards have been removed from Warzone Season 3, however they’re likely to return as soon as the bunkers resume. These uncommon products might just be discovered in Legendary Supply Boxes, but if you take place to kill an opponent who has already found one, you’ll be able to collect it when they drop it

    and use it yourself. Here are the bunkers that require a Red Access Card: Hills bunker (0 )Summit bunker(4)Southern Military Base bunker (5)Salt Mine bunker(6)Prison bunker(9)How to get inside Bunker 11 in Warzone Season 3 At the start of Season 2

    , Raven Software sealed Bunker 11, no longer permitting players to get in. Although Verdansk has traveled back in time for Season 3, this bunker has actually stayed. Obviously, while it might be closed for now, there’s

    a great opportunity it might reopen in the future, so understanding how to enter will be extremely useful. Getting inside Bunker

  • 11 implies you require to find an activation phonethat can be located in various structures across Verdansk.
  • A Russian operator will then provide you a three-digit code, which will then determine the order in

    which you require to go to the phones. You can utilize the map listed below produced by Reddit user Fbk201 to see the places of each phone. The code that the operator will provide you is in Russian, so you’ll require to translate them into English to advance. We’ve supplied the translations listed below. a-deen dva tree chye-tir-ye pyat shest syem vo-syem dyev-yat dyes-yat If you were given the code 123, you would require to go to phone one initially, then phone 2, and so on. You’ll understand you’ve engaged with the right phone when you hear a jingle play, which indicates you’ve achieved success in your quest and can now open Bunker 11. These bunkers aren’t far away from the very best landing spots in Verdansk ’84, so they’ll be well worth rotating to for high tier loot when they resume. Image credits: Activision Blizzard/ u/Fbk201

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