Dont open these texts from Amazon, Argos and Asda – Three Mobile issues important alert – Express

Vodafone alerted its customers to keep an eye out for text that declare to be from delivery company DHL, with the mobile network saying the “attacks will gain major traction extremely rapidly.”

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3 states that it's mindful of a growing number of fake text messages, which are not only declaring to be from shipment firms however also popular high street grocery stores and online retailers, including ASDA, Argos and Amazon."We are mindful that a substantial number of individuals across the UK have been targeted with an SMS message that has been faked to look as if it has come from a shipment service, "discussed Three. "While initial messages claimed to be from DHL, the scam also has actually taken on other business brand names consisting of Asda, Amazon and Argos, to name a few.

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