Watch Ferrari 812 Superfast Prototype Nearly Crash Trying to Run From the Camera – autoevolution

This development of the legendary unit marks 2 records for the Maranello brand: the greatest output of any Ferrari road-car engine (830 hp) and likewise the highest redline of any Ferrari internal combustion engine with 9,500 rpm.It’s hard to show the lorry’s full velocity prowess on the roadway, however the driver of the prototype captured by Italian vehicle spotter Varryx sure shots to put on a show regardless. Presumably in an attempt to permit the man with the video camera as little direct exposure as possible to the yet to be unveiled car, he appears to misjudge his technique to the roundabout just outside the Ferrari complex. Luckily for everyone – apart, perhaps, for Varryx, who would have had one hell of a video on his hands – the 812 motorist brakes in time, and both automobiles go out the next exit unharmed.
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