Scavengers early access made available to all today –

After troublesome Twitch Drops event.

The Scavengers early access is being offered to all today.Midwinters ‘free-to-play third-person fight royale hybrid launched in early access type today, however was only playable via a Twitch Drops event. The event ran into issues.

Keys might only be declared by seeing the game on Twitch for 30 minutes, and some who tuned in did not receive their secrets. Ultimately, Scavengers ran out of Steam keys to provide to people, forcing Midwinter to send out Epic Games Store secrets instead. Coupled with this, server issues triggered some crash problems.In response, Midwinter is making Scavengers’early access available to everyone on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, from 5pm UK time today, 1st May.According to Midwinter, 100,000 individuals are currently playing Scavengers, which is pretty impressive offered how

the game was launched.I had the possibility to play the game ahead of release. Here’s my Scavengers impressions.

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