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Konami has actually revealed that it won’t be in presence at E3 2021 “due to timing.”

In a statement shared on the official Konami Twitter account, the studio verifies that it has numerous projects in advancement that we can anticipate to become aware of within a matter of months. Konami also expresses its support for the ESA and confidence in E3 2021’s success.

“Due to timing we will not be prepared to present at E3 this year,” Konami writes. “We wish to assure our fans that we remain in deep development on a number of key tasks, so please remain tuned for some updated in the coming months. While we are not participating this year, we have great regard for the ESA and understand that 2021 will be a great success. We will continue to support the ESA and want the very best to all individuals at this year’s show.”

The official E3 2021 schedule initially consisted of an “early dedication” from Konami together with Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Warner Bros. Games, and Koch Media. The precise factor for the turnaround isn’t clear, however the ESA launched its own rather amicable statement on the matter:

“We support our partner Konami’s choice to not take part in E3 this year and are thrilled to see what they’ll be announcing in the future when they’re ready to do so. We can’t await their return to E3 2022, but in the meantime, we look forward to sharing all of the highly-anticipated exposes, shows and so a lot more at this year’s E3.”

Here’s hoping Konami has something cool to flaunt at E3 2022 (or earlier).

The Future Games Show is formally part of E3 2021 and will air a special showcase on June 13.

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