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That tease comes as Google’s “item releases are returning to a routine cadence” following a year of staff members adapting to work from home. After avoiding I/O completely in 2015, the 2021 designer conference is set to occur May 18-20 and start with a Pichai keynote.

A small interruption at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic saw Google briefly pause Chrome and Chrome OS release, while prioritizing security updates over features. Variation 81 of the browser was slightly delayed and 82 skipped totally before a return to schedule with Chrome 83 in May.

Android development was similarly, and continues to be, performed in a remote manner. Meanwhile, G Suite saw a rebrand to Workspace toward the end of last year, with Google Meet availability broadening and a flurry of new video calling functions to meet the minute.

Somewhere else within Google, Pichai stated that YouTube Shorts have 6.5 billion everyday deem of March. This is up 3 billion compared to the end of 2020 and includes the United States launch.

In discussing Other Bets, the CEO pointed out Waymo’s brand-new co-CEOs and also gave an unusual reference to Calico Life Sciences. This Alphabet business aims to “better understand the biology that manages aging and life expectancy” to ultimately “find and develop interventions that allow people to live longer and much healthier lives.”

To put that in a more grandiose way, as Time magazine carried out in 2013, the company desires to “fix death.” Pichai highlighted how Calico and partner AbbVie in February revealed that it got in early-stage scientific programs for drug therapies taking a look at cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, like ALS, Parkinson’s disease, and terrible brain injury.

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Android advancement was similarly, and continues to be, done in a remote way.

Alphabet this afternoon reported huge Q1 revenues with significant year-over-year development as advertisement spending returned. In ready remarks, CEO Sundar Pichai told investors to expect “considerable product updates and statements” at Google I/O 2021 next month.

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