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Listed below Zero is explained as a “new chapter” in the Subnautica universe, set two years after the occasions of the original video game. The Steam page avoids using the word “sequel”, and I expect it’s closest in type to that feared portmanteau, the “expandalone”. Expect a brand-new icy region, brand-new animals including lovable penguinlikes, and a similar core loop of expedition and base growth to the original game.

John enjoyed his time with it back in January 2019, while being surprised at both its aspiration and at how early in advancement it was. The initial Subnautica sits at the top of our list of the finest survival video games.

Subnautica: Below Zero will leave early access on May 14th and is offered through Steam and the Epic Games Store for ₤ 25/EUR30. It’s due to increase in price by 25% upon its complete launch.

Much of the creatures are charming, actually – till they take off.

Subnautica: Below Zero has remained in early access for over two years, and the undersea survival sim follow-up is approaching its last release date next month on May 14th. To mark that looming date, designers Unknown Worlds have released a cinematic trailer which provides a short introduction to a few of the creatures that will horrify you in the dirty deep.

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