Outriders restores crossplay across all platforms – Gamesradar

On April 10, the Xbox spot went through, and crossplay was completely restored across all platforms. As of publication, crossplay is now re-enabled and totally functional across Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, and PC. PC players could quickly play across Steam and Epic Games Store, but as soon as PC and console players attempted to team up to play story missions or try out Expeditions, there were reports of myriad disconnects. Individuals Can Fly disabled automatic matchmaking between PC and consoles, and advised players wait to attempt it out “till we have patched all versions of the video game. If you desire to make it possible for crossplay for yourself, simply head to ‘Options’ in the lobby menu and pick the ‘Gameplay’ tab, then choose ‘make it possible for crossplay.

Outriders level cap

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