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The FR 5.56 has actually long been considered one of Warzone’s weakest weapons., the FR 5.56 has a pick ratio of 0.1%. Turning the FR 5.56 from a loser to one of the video game’s best, you merely have to change the fire mode to single-shot. JGOD explains how altering the fire mode fixes the biggest issues with the FR 5.56. JGOD said it’s not likely that the FR 5.56 will take over the M16 and AUG as the meta as they’re simply too simple to utilize, however the FR 5.56 is an extremely viable alternative.

Warzone YouTuber JGOD has actually revealed one simple change that can make the normally overlooked FR 5.56 take on the M16 and AUG meta.

The FR 5.56 has actually long been thought about one of Warzone’s weakest weapons. With its wild bullet spread and low time-to-kill, most gamers have written it off as not worth their time– according to’s information, the FR 5.56 has a choice ratio of 0.1%. YouTuber JGOD has actually discovered an easy technique to make this weapon counter Season 2’s burst meta.

The AUG, and now the M16, have been running the long-range meta in Warzone Season 2. There aren’t any other weapons that can beat their TTK at range, a minimum of up until JGOD discovered this FR 5.56 technique.

Warzone FR 5.56Warzone FR 5.56

Turning the FR 5.56 from a loser to one of the video game’s finest, you just need to change the fire mode to single-shot. Warzone defaults this to the’B’key on keyboards, so make sure you still have that bound. And for controllers gamers, you struck ‘left’ on the D-Pad.

JGOD describes how changing the fire mode repairs the most significant problems with the FR 5.56. While shooting semi-auto, it becomes far more precise with an easier-to-control recoil pattern. You’ll have the ability to down an opponent in an optimum of 7 shots, and with how fast you can spam the shots, its TTK up there with the best.

JGOD also stated that what actually sets it apart from the meta weapons is its bullet velocity, “especially at range.” The weapon will nearly feel hitscan at times, meaning you barely require to lead shots and you can shoot opponents out of the air with ease.

JGOD’s semi-auto FR 5.56 loadout

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