Government expects third wave of Covid in the autumn – Devon Live

The Government anticipates a 3rd wave of coronavirus to sweep throughout the UK in the fall, according to new reports.

Scientists last week stated the third wave could begin as early as June – with thousands more cases in the summer.

But the most recent reports say that has actually not considered the protection provided by the vaccination program, or the reality Covid will be less virulent in warmer summertime weather condition when people are outdoors.

A summary from the Government’s Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling (SPI-M) launched last week alerted COVID-19 cases could surge this summer if all constraints were raised, reports The Express.

The summary launched by the SPI-M reveals a series of modelling, which alerted cases are expected to increase considerably in June after all lockdown restrictions were raised.

Some of their models held the predicted third wave in the summer might be as huge as the January peak of cases and deaths.

A senior Government researcher told The Telegraph: “A lot depends on seasonality as well so it may well be that it’s more like autumn than summer season.

“Is that going to be affected by what’s taking place in Europe? Well, perhaps in the sense that if you get lots of travel returning and forth that may increase it.

“I think that the expectation is that there will be additional waves, but they will not be as huge as the ones that we’ve had, unless things go terribly wrong.

“Timing, I think it’s most likely to be autumn than summer, but we’ll see.”

Read More Related Articles However, Stephen Griffin, Leeds University medical school, told the Observer the UK is at threat from a third wave of coronavirus as lockdown constraints will be eased in spite of infection hotspots still growing in many parts of the country.

He said: “There are locations in West Yorkshire, the Black Country and other regions that still have high infection rates.

“However, lots of individuals there can not afford to self-isolate. We need to tackle that issue urgently or the virus will return once again.”

“Is that going to be impacted by what’s occurring in Europe?”However, numerous people there can not afford to self-isolate.

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