Doc Cosmos Is On The Way To Game Boy Color, In 2021 – Nintendo Life

In the “present”timeline, Doc will be able to jump with a lot of control, permitting Doc to be controlled in mid-air. In addition, some map aspects are only present in one timeline and not the other, switch timelines to find covert ladders, bridges, and other things to assist you get through the map., and it’s worth clarifying this is a real Game Boy Color game and will just work in that hardware.

Doc Cosmos Manual CoversmallerDoc Cosmos Manual Coversmaller © Bitmap Soft As regulars here on Nintendo Life know, we like retro games, and we like brand-new retro. It’s an ever popular area in which older items or video games are restored and provided brand-new life; for instance, a new Game Boy Color game is coming in 2021.

That is happening courtesy of Bitmap Soft and designer Simon Jameson, who can often be discovered working on retro hardware coding on Twitch. Doc Cosmos is the video game being given Game Boy Color as a new release, with some nice product packaging that includes a manual and some stickers.

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