7 Video Game Post Credits Scenes That Changed EVERYTHING – WhatCulture

From its barmy opening segment that requires gamers through numerous tough sections while also switching gameplay styles as they advance, through to the crazy minute where you take on the literal CEO’s of Platinum Games and Square Enix in a secret manager fight, it’s clear that you need to anticipate the unexpected.However, I do not believe anybody could have seen or prepared themselves for the psychological gut-punch that was this game’s end credits series. After saying and besting the final boss farewell to our team of loveable androids, the credits begin to roll, and in generally off-the-wall style, the game turns this area into a bullet hell gambit that even Tohou would shiver at. It turns out that the AI bots that helped you were actually other gamers, who have picked to compromise their own conserve data in order to help others reach the final moments of the game.

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