Tom Jones talks health after doctors warning ‘That’s all the medication I take thank God – Express

Despite his protestations, the physician thought Tom was not well adequate to continue with his scheduled tours due to his age, which might slow his recovery time down.Relaying the physician

‘s reaction to his wish to go back to work, Tom said: “‘Ah well you understand at your age’. I think I was 78 then …’What are you stressed over now? You shouldn’t be fretting about it’.”

However, the main factor for the singer’s decision to recover rapidly was so he might entertain his fans, who had actually spent their money on tickets to his concerts.He added:”I don’t

desire to let individuals down! I’ve got shows to do. So he attempted to tell me to, ‘Slow down’, however I don’t want to slow down!”

“People were concerned, they thought there was something wrong, but it was an infection I had,” he completed, in referral to concerns shared by his fans at the time.

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