For Elon Musks next trick . . . monkeys playing mind games – The Times

He has actually already changed the worlds of area rockets and electric vehicles. Now, via a clip of a monkey playing Pong with simply its mind, Elon Musk has provided a look of his next project.The billionaire’s start-up business Neuralink has released video footage revealing a monkey playing the 1970s video game through a cordless chip implanted in the animal’s brain.Neuralink’s aim is to develop a chip that can be implanted in human brains, making it possible for individuals to control computer systems or prosthetic limbs with their minds. It is hoped that this might transform the lives of individuals who are paralysed.Musk, who is likewise the president of the rocket company SpaceX and electrical vehicle producer Tesla, has grander prepare for Neuralink,

however– signalling

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