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What’s going on? The Nintendo rating for this DLC has actually been eliminated, there’s still (probably) mounting evidence that Borderlands 3 might eventually land on the Switch.

Yesterday, a Nintendo Switch score for Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut was found on the PEGI scores board.

What’s a bit unusual about this is the reality the “Director’s Cut” is actually a Season 2 DLC add-on (which just got launched today on other platforms) and the base video game hasn’t even been verified for the hybrid system.

So, what’s going on? While lots of think it might be an indication of a more main statement in the future, GameSpot writer and confirmed Twitter user Gabe Gurwin has allegedly been in contact with a 2K representative. Apparently, Borderlands 3 is “not pertaining to Switch” and it’s an “mistake” on PEGI’s end that 2K has now had actually gotten rid of.

We’ve took a look ourselves, and sure adequate – the Nintendo Switch listing is now gone from the official PEGI rating:

PEGI Rating - Nintendo Life Nintendo Life Although the Nintendo ranking for this DLC has actually been gotten rid of, there’s still (arguably) installing evidence that Borderlands 3 might eventually arrive on the Switch. Apart from every other entry in the series already being readily available on this hardware, there was one rather interesting discovery made by YouTuber Doctre81 last September.

Advancement studio and port expert Fractured Byte published a job listing looking for video game developers (familiar with Switch) to deal with an Unreal Engine job. The category was a “shooter” and one of the jobs was to assist shipping games – like the very first two Borderlands video games – for the Switch.

It turns out Fractured Byte also teamed up with Turn Me Up Games to help bring Borderlands: The Legendary Collection to Switch. Hmm, intriguing!

Do you think Borderlands 3 will ultimately make its way across to the Switch? Leave a comment down below.

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