Elon Musk shares video of his Neuralink monkey playing video games with its mind – The Independent

Elon Musk‘s brain-computer startup Neuralink has actually revealed a monkey that has the ability to play video games utilizing only its mind.A video demonstration shared by Mr Musk reveals a nine-year-old macaque monkey called Pager with a Neuralink placed on each side of his brain.The two chips, implanted flush with the skull, send out brain signals from the monkey through a 1,024 electrode transmission device called the N1 Link. This neural activity is then deciphered and calibrated in order to predict the monkey’s intentions.After just six weeks of practice, the monkey had found out to play the

1970’s video game traditional Pong in return for a banana shake reward.”To manage his paddle on the right side of the screen, Pager just thinks of moving his hand up or down,”Neuralink’s video states.”As you can see, Pager is remarkably excellent at mind Pong. He’s focussed and he

‘s playing completely of his own volition. It’s not magic, the reason Neuralink works is because it’s taping and decoding electrical signals from the brain. “Recommended The video demonstrates considerable progress towards Neuralink’s vision of offering direct

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