Stop-motion-style space adventure Harold Halibut looks sublime in new story trailer –

Developer Slow Bros’ “handmade” space experience Harold Halibut has offered its handcrafted sets and claymation-style characters another beautiful airing in a new story trailer.Harold Halibut is part stop-motion film, part narrative-driven adventure, and informs the story of the titular Harold- a young lab assistant forced to live his life onboard on a city sized spaceship submerged beneath an alien ocean, 250 years after it ran away Earth to protect the mankind.”While the majority of the ship’s residents have reconciled themselves

to a life lived aboard the sunken ship,”describes Slow Bros,” [lead researcher Jeanne Mareaux] still works tirelessly to discover a way for the ship to leave the planet and discover a new, dryer home. Harold Halibut -Story Trailer 2021.”But of course the strange, wonderful and varied individuals of

the Fedora keep Harold busy too.

Up until one eventful encounter plunges Harold into a new world that no one could have thought existed -and one that might hold the key to Mareaux’s re-launch plans.”Harold Halibut has actually been around for quite a long time, having actually initially been exposed back in 2016. Its long pregnancy isn’t all that unexpected though, offered the sheer amount of work associated with bringing its handcrafted world to life- a procedure that sees detailed real-world sets and models integrated with motion-capture animation within Unity. The outcomes , as you ‘d anticipate, look stunning, as is evident in the game’s recently unveiled trailer. There’s still no hint of a release date for Harold Halibut beyond an understandably non-committal “coming soonish “, but interested celebrations can stay abreast of its continuing advancement through Steam and Slow Bros ‘website.

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