Rumor: Hideo Kojima Is In Talks With Microsoft To Publish His Next Game For Xbox – PlayStation Universe



After successfully releasing Death Stranding for PS4, Hideo Kojima is apparently shifting over to Microsoft, with the publisher in talks with the beloved developer to publish his next game.This rumor comes from reporter Jeff Grubb at VentureBeat, who reveals in a short article about Abandoned, a PS5 game announced today, that a source acquainted with this matter has passed on the details to Grubb. Grubb follows up by saying that the Kojima Productions statue, found on Phil Spencer’s shelf earlier this year, was a reference to these talks. Grubb then goes on to say that he can not validateif the offer has actually closed yet, but his understanding is that Kojima is the focus of Microsoft’s strategy to take advantage of Japanese skill. Japan is a market Xbox has always struggled in.This is just a report in the meantime, but it does make good sense. With Kojima Productions launching Death Stranding for PS4, it promises that he would attempt to do the same for Xbox as he has a lotof ideas cooking in his unique brain. Oftentimes, his new universes in video games are much more intriguing than the video games that follow up and try to broaden on the preliminary introducing pad.Kojima’s next game is apparently set to be revealed quickly and there are reports of a Death Stranding: Extended Edition set to be released in the future. What are your thoughts on this development and do you see Microsoft attempting to acquire Kojima’s favor so that the console developer can gain a grip in Japan?Source– [ VentureBeat]

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