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21H1, or build 19043, is shown as being the ISOs for both the Beta and Release Preview channels. This is despite the truth that 21H1isn’t actually offered in the Release Preview channel unless you’re a business customer. The Dev channel isn’t tied to a specific release, so this is formally another prerelease develop. That means that if you install this, there’s no

telling when you’ll have the ability to turn off Insider Preview develops and go back to production without doing a factory reset. All of us expected 21H1 to be that, however rather it developed into a minor update with the build number just increasing by one. We’re now anticipating the next significant upgrade to be 21H2. It’s going to have some huge visual changes, x64 emulation on ARM, potentially Android emulation, and more.

Windows 10 hero image

Today, Microsoft launched Windows 10 Insider Preview construct 21354, and along with it, we’re getting brand-new ISO images for those that wish to do a tidy setup of the OS. The last time Microsoft released new Dev channel ISOs was on January 6, when it released images for Windows 10 Insider Preview develop 21286. There were, however, Beta channel ISOs released ever since. In March, the company released its very first ISOs for Windows 10 version 21H1.

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