Global chip shortage hits iPad and MacBook production, says report – The Verge

Apple has not been spared the results of the ongoing international element shortage, according to a brand-new report in Nikkei. The publication states that some production of MacBooks and iPads has been postponed, with “a part of component orders” pressed back to the second half of 2021.

The concern with MacBooks is stated to be connected to the capability to mount certain components on circuit boards ahead of the device’s assembly. Postponed iPad production, on the other hand, is obviously since of a lack of display screens and display parts. Bloomberg reported earlier today on how the squeezed supply of screen drivers is triggering a traffic jam throughout the whole tech market.

Nikkei didn’t state which MacBook or iPad designs would be impacted, nor whether the held off production was for existing devices or yet-to-be-announced updates. Apple is extensively anticipated to introduce new versions of the iPad Pro this year, as well as continuing the shift to releasing its own processors across the whole Mac line. Expert Ming-chi Kuo just recently said that a brand-new 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a Mini LED display would go into mass production this month.

iPhone production is stated to be untouched up until now, though two sources explained component supply as “rather tight.” Nikkei states the shortage “remains a supply chain concern for Apple and has not yet had an effect on product schedule.”

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