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If Netflix only sees L3, you can still stream however just in standard meaning. A handful of Pixel 5 (and older) users considering that at least the February security spot have actually been stuck on Widevine L3. It’s not clear if that update exacerbated the problem, or if those dealing with the issue only simply discovered. Some afflicted users state they have factory reset and flashed factory images to no get.

Widevine L1 is needed to view Netflix in high resolution on Android. If Netflix just sees L3, you can still stream but just in standard meaning. To examine, go to App Settings > > Playback Specification.

A handful of Pixel 5 (and older) users because a minimum of the February security patch have been stuck on Widevine L3. This is even as Netflix lists all Pixel phones as supporting HD content, in addition to HDR10. The end outcome is blurrier streaming and not being able to take full benefit of subscriptions.

This issue got traction following the other day’s April security patch. There’s a pair of upvoted threads on Reddit and a submission on the Pixel Phone Help Forum. It’s unclear if that upgrade worsened the problem, or if those facing the problem only just noticed. That said, most of Pixel owners still have Widevine L1.

Those that call Google Support are informed to submit a bug report, with the business apparently familiar with the concern but do not yet have a solution if they’re still looking for examples. Some affected users state they have factory reset and flashed factory images to no avail. Hopefully, an OTA update is able to address this Widevine L3 issue for Pixel devices.

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Netflix and many other video streaming apps use Google-owned Widevine DRM to make sure content isn’t easily pirated on Android. An issue for the past couple of months sees some Google Pixel phones unable to stream Netflix in HD quality due to Widevine L3 being discovered

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