Pac-Man 99 is the next Nintendo Switch Online battle royale –

Nintendo has actually announced Pac-Man 99, the next fight royale take on a game classic coming to Nintendo Switch Online.

99 gamers play Pac-Man simultaneously, and attempt to be the last Pac-person standing.As with other

99 video games, you can disrupt your fellow players. Munching ghosts will send out “Jammer Pac-Mans” to their screens, which will slow them down.

Pac-Man 99 likewise presents Sleeping Ghosts, a new stationary enemy you can wake to demolish en masse with a Power Pellet. Doing so will create dozens of Jammer Pac-Mans to fire at your rivals.Selecting gamers

to target works the same as in other 99 video games, too -so you can pick gamers on the verge of being knocked out, or individuals who have actually targeted you. End up being the leader of the PAC in PAC-MAN 99, a new online

2am tomorrow morning UK time- or 6pm Pacific in the United States.

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