NVIDIA RTX Voice can now be officially usable on all GeForce GTX graphics cards – guru3d.com

RTX Voice can now likewise be used on GeForce GTX graphics cards in a totally official way, without needing to modify files and rivers. The change happened silently, permitting any GTX or RTX GPU with NVIDIA 410.18 or later on drivers to utilize this feature. RTX Voice was at first promoted as a special RTX graphics card feature (thus its name). Since they needed Tensor Cores to be used, NVIDIA explained at the time that the feature would work only on their more recent GPUs. That however was not the case, given that some users run the program on their GTX graphics customizing some files. That modding began here in the Guru3D online forums actually. Now, the company officially introduced assistance.

RTX Voice uses the processing power of your graphics card to improve microphone performance through an algorithm. The feature has actually been highly valued, mostly for its capability to filter out background noise. With the release of RTX Voice likewise on GTX GPUs, even GTX 600 series cards can now use the feature.

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