Introducing: The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K – HODINKEE

With the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K, we get a brand-new movement designation, the MT5400, instead of the familiar MT5402 that we’ve seen in previous variations of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight. Despite the truth that it is efficiently the same great motion, there is a factor for this. With the 18k yellow-gold case, Tudor is opening up the back with a sapphire display screen. It’s a most un-Tudor (and for that matter, un-Rolex) relocation, however one that feels suitable for a $16,800 dive watch that you’re unlikely to go deep diving with anyhow. The brand-new motion classification exists due to the fact that the base plate was made a smidge larger in order to complete your view from the open caseback.

This isn’t the only non-steel Black Bay Fifty-Eight dropping with clear back and a new motion either. As Stephen covered earlier, there is also a 925 silver variation. Certainly not unprecedented, silver’s an even more unusual metal for watchmakers. But hey, Tudor now makes Black Bays in silver, gold, and bronze.

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