Facebook’s Portal TV now supports Zoom so you can take meetings from the couch – The Verge

Facebook has included Zoom and GoToMeeting support to its Portal TELEVISION item, so you can totally welcome the work-from-home way of life and take meetings from your living room couch.

Zoom and GoToMeeting, along with BlueJeans and Webex, are currently offered on Facebook’s more portable Portal gadgets, consisting of the standard Portal, the Portal Mini, and the Portal Plus. The brand-new additions to the Portal TELEVISION should make it far more beneficial as a work cam, but also in case any of your COVID-era digital hangouts occur on Zoom.

“Now, your favorite Zoom functionality reaches the largest screen in your house, so you can work from your sofa in addition to your desk,” checks out a blog post released Tuesday. “That consists of joining breakout rooms for brainstorming in smaller sized groups, calendar combination to assist you remain on top of your schedule, screen sharing to improve remote cooperation, and virtual backgrounds to enhance your total experience.”

Facebook has been gradually building out the feature set of its Portal family of video chat gadgets. In October of in 2015, it included Netflix to the Portal TV, and the second-generation Portal and the very first Portal Mini released back in 2019 added WhatsApp calling support alongside more sensible cost tags.

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