Big Ste completely changed his life after a shocking realisation… hes not so big these days – Manchester Evening News

Steve said:” I lost out on my dream of competing for Great Britain as a kid, I provided it up when I got older.(Image: Lee McLean/SWNS)As his life became consumed by consuming and consuming whatever he desired, it would be more than 4 decades before Steve got back on the bike.”I was borderline diabetic and my cholesterol was through the roofing system.”It would be a dream come real.

Steve Johnson at his biggest weight, on vacation in 2019(Image: SWNS)His waist size has actually gone from 46 inches to 30 inches and his body

fat portion, as soon as at 47 per cent, is now better than average at well listed below 20pc. He now cycles an excellent 300 miles a week and has set his sights on competing for Team GB at the veteran’s world championships in Australia next year.

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