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Animal Crossing New Horizons BrewsterAnimal Crossing New Horizons Brewster Nintendo Life After a long, tiring old year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons requires a shot. No, not the shot in the arm presently being presented throughout the planet with varying degrees of alacrity– we’re talking about a caffeine shot from the series’ purveyor of finest roasted bean juice, Brewster.

The damn fine coffee of everybody’s preferred barista is maybe the most apparent, a lot of ‘considerable’ component from previous video games that fans are desperate see return. After 365 days of updates both little and big, we honestly thought that everything would be in the game by now, but the game’s huge success appears to have captured Nintendo off guard and there’s indicators that the company may be seeking to keep the ball rolling with additional updates and improvements to returning annual occasions (Bunny Day, for instance, already has new products this year) and potentially including more centers and mechanics to the video game throughout its 2nd year.

We looked at things we ‘d like to see in an update way back near launch, and we brainstormed some more thorough features we would not mind seeing included May, too. A complete year because launch, some asked for additions have certainly shown up– Crazy Redd bought his items to your deserted islands in April, for instance, and additional Custom Design shots are now offered in the first anniversary update– although others that are still AWOL. So, put a brew on and let’s take a look at the things we’re most nervous to see coming over the horizon as the video game settles into its 2nd year on Switch. There’s a poll at the bottom, so let us know what you ‘d like to see … Brewster’s Roost Nintendo Life Nintendo Life One of the most-requested components still missing from New Horizons, the capability to roll up to The Roost and grab a cup of Joe from Brewster has actually been sorely missed out on by the Air Conditioning faithful. Maybe we simply need

Animal Crossing Wild World CoffeeAnimal Crossing Wild World Coffeethe prepared ear

of a barkeep to pour our lockdown troubles into, or perhaps we just desire to relax to some relaxing’ coos’ while we slurp our Arabica from the Colombian foothills. In either case, we frantically hope Nintendo has a pigeon up its sleeve for update 2.0. We ‘d gladly deliver coffee around the island given the possibility– and some appropriate benefits, of course. Resetti, Gracie, Dr. Shrunk, Wendell and Other Special Characters © Nintendo Life The list of special characters who haven’t shown up on our deserted islands yet is long. Mr Resetti is sticking around, sure (as a Nook Inc. Rescue Service employee, no less), but has anyone really seen him in non-statue form!

.?. !? Wendell the wandering Walrus is one of our favourites, however we ‘d be pleased to catch fashionista Gracie in our plaza; similarly, insurance coverage salesperson Lyle, Katrina the Fortune Teller or psychiatrist/stand-up comic Dr. Shrunk. After the previous year, we could all do with a laugh, if not a long time on his sofa, no?


Gyroid © Nintendo The NL group is divided on whether Gyroids are delightfully oddball little antiques or unnerving, dead-eyed figures we’re pleased to see the back of. Still, a while ago we asked Nintendo Life readers if they want to see Gyroids return, and the answer was a definite yes! So yes! Why not? Let’s fill our islands with more crap incredible items!

Tortimer’s Island and More Multiplayer Activities Right now, Ol’ Torts has much better representation in Smash.(Image: Nintendo)Improvements to the online element of the video game– specifically worrying the hoops you need to jump through to leave your island and the extremely time-intensive procedure of having more than a single person see your island– is perhaps asking

a bit much. Nintendo has made it clear that a swift and smooth online experience is low down the list of concerns; what is there may be cumbersome compared to other online experiences

, however it almost functions. Sufficient is excellent enough, it appears. It’s not like cumbersome online functionality has done much to injure sales. In the lack of a more extensive online overhaul, we ‘d enjoy to see Tortimer return, however– potentially in his role of Animal Crossing: New Leaf island tour leader, which might introduce a host of mini-games, multiplayer-focused or otherwise into New Horizons. The May Day labyrinth occasion featuring the return of Rover was among our preferred events so far(although you lot preferred Halloween and Toy Day), so any growth on that theme would be really welcome. Batch Crafting R.I.P. our best thumb.(Image: Nintendo Life)Fish bait. That’s it actually, we simply wish to craft fish bait quicker! When we’re attempting to hunt down the Golden Trout or the Stringfish, crafting fish bait in batches rather than getting an RSI from hammering the ‘A’button would be a lifesaver. Or a handsaver, at least. The ability to craft in batches. That’s it, Nintendo. Begin, throw us a bone here! Even multiples of ten would conserve our precious digits from a horrible damaging. You desire us to keep buying video gaming stuff in our dotage, right? We players

need to take care

R.I.P. our right thumb.
of ourselves, and you’re not helping. More Critters to Catch Nintendo Life Nintendo Life Got all those.Having spent a whole year catching fish bugs and, ultimately, sea creatures, lots of gamers will now have actually completed their Critterpedia and caught absolutely every critter in the video game. For lots of, searching down whatever signals an end– of sorts– to the video game,

so including a brand-new

change an island’s Resident Rep. Why might you want to do this? Well, say you purchased New Horizons for one of your kids and made them the’main’gamer. Quick forward a month and they lost interest– it turns out that you or someone else plays the video game method more these days. Island’development'(the ability to build new structures, pay off the home mortgage, etc )is tied to the Resident Representative, so you’re forced to play as them if you want to get things done. For some individuals this addition would not make much distinction– for others, it would be transformative.

Old Nintendo Consoles, or an Arcade! © Nintendo Life Okay, hear us out on this one. Everybody desires the NES games from the initial Animal Crossing back– but anybody

paying for a Nintendo Switch Online membership already has access to them, right? So why not integrate the 2 in a method that makes good sense for Nintendo in 2021– if you purchase the NES and SNES from Nook’s shop and fire them up in your home you’ll get an unique Animal Crossing’wrapper’in which to play the NSO NES/SNES games already available. Easy! If Nintendo wished to go to town and set up a game building on our islands, we ‘d recommend that, too. Seeing as we can currently purchase the regular Switch, the Animal Crossing-branded Switch and now Switch Lites(unique to NSO subscribers, no less)in-game, why not the NES, SNES and any other retro consoles that might pop up as part of Nintendo Switch Online in the future? They ‘d look excellent in our house with all the Mario

25th anniversary products. Are you still playing Animal Crossing on Switch? Would any of the above additions bring you back into the fold? One-off, non-annual occasions, maybe? What would keep New Horizons fresh for you as the game enters its second year on the cusp of Update 2.0? Let us know with a remark listed below. Additional reading:

Still, a while ago we asked Nintendo Life readers if they would like to see Gyroids return, and the answer was a definite yes!(Image: Nintendo Life)Fish bait. Possibly a brand-new type of tree or flower would attract new bugs to your island. If Nintendo wanted to go to town and install a game structure on our islands, we ‘d be all for that, too. Seeing as we can already buy the routine Switch, the Animal Crossing-branded Switch and now Switch Lites(special to NSO subscribers, no less)in-game, why not the NES, SNES and any other retro consoles that might pop up as part of Nintendo Switch Online in the future?

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