Tekken 7s next DLC character is hard-hitting Polish prime minister Lidia Sobieska – Eurogamer.net

Tekken 7’s next DLC character is Lidia Sobieska, who in the Tekken universe is the Polish prime minister.Here’s the main

blurb: “Lidia has actually constantly been

an upright and undaunted woman. She thinks that justice requires outright power, which is why she has actually revealed excellent interest in karate from an extremely young age. The loss of her dad stired her interest in the family custom of politics. Lidia revealed fantastic qualities in both locations, getting in and winning her very first karate world championship at 18, and more just recently being one of the youngest increasing stars in the Polish political arena. The war started by the Mishima Zaibatsu is greatly impacting Poland and she is dedicated to settle the situation with her own fists. “After the Tekken Force arrived into parts of Poland, the Polish citizens cried out for a stronger leader and Lidia answered that call!”The gameplay trailer is below: Lidia launches on 23rd March on all platforms, and is signed up with by the

brand-new Island Paradise stage.She’s part of Tekken 7

‘s fourth season pass, which kicked off in November with the release of Kunimitsu.

Bandai Namco has yet to say whether there will be a season five.

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