Devastating care home Covid outbreak death toll rises to 7 – with ten more in hospital –

He stated the majority of citizens’are no longer showing any Covid symptoms or remain asymptomatic’. He included”We still have a little number of individuals who are displaying signs and we continue to monitor their health very closely. The house now increased the number of nurses it has on task from one to 2 at all times, the letter said. An assessment was brought out at the house last month after issues were raised with the care guard dog.

A further two residents have actually died from Covid at a care house where authorities have launched a criminal examination.

The current casualties indicate seven people have passed away at the Holmesley care home in Sidmouth, Devon, since March 6.

And 10 homeowners are being dealt with at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Earlier this week Devon and Cornwall Police <a href="; data-link-tracking="InArticle

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